Sandy Harris graduated from Seattle Massage School in March of 1999.

While training in Swedish Massage she learned how to combine long firm strokes and gentle kneading to relieve tension and stress. Knowing that a stressor is a situation, event or demand which disrupts a person's equilibrium, and triggers a bodily reaction called the stress response, she knew that she could help provide a relaxing environment for many clients. Sandy continued on with her education and learned therapeautic massage, pregnancy massage, injury and several relaxation massage techniques, including cupping, hot stone and towel techniques so she could help as many people as possible to receive the benefits of massage.

"I specialize in treatment massage using both Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Techniques. I enjoy the challenge of finding and working out the tension in my clients muscles."

Sandy is gifted with nurturing hands, a warm touch and a caring heart.

Massage brings you into deep relaxation, into increased awareness, back to yourself, to your silence, to the whole, where healing happens.

Therapeutic massage helps restore balance, and brings the body back to normal by triggering the relaxation response. Massage also relieves many of the mental and physical problems caused by prolonged stress.